Grapevine project

I have been cruising through home improvement projects while we're on COVID 19 lockdown, and this week was no exception. We have picked up the winter kill and had several good controlled burns, as well as our yearly spring battle with invasive porcelain vine and its horrible cousin, poison ivy along the stream and fences. You can read my essay about my attempt to control this with pygmy goats HERE.

This spring, while watching a controlled burn of winter kill, I started pulling porcelain vine from the trees, and in boredom, wrapping its pliable green ropes around the chairs we dragged down to babysit the embers. I wrapped and wrapped, until I had a sizable wreath.

Then, using our hose caddy, I made a second, smaller one, finishing them by weaving their ends into their layers.

Next, I wrapped a little natural twine around the wreath before I eased it off the form. You can also use floral wire, which is what I had available for the larger wreath.

I took both wreaths, large and small, and let them cure on my porch for a day or two while I waited for the final part of the project to arrive.

Finally, today I wrapped them in copper solar twinkle lights and hung them on the front and back doors of the coop. I could hardly wait for the sun to go down to see what they looked like!

This was an easy project that used things we mostly had kicking around and has spruced up our coop and garden.