It's the most wonderful time

Sorry to all the naysayers and winter haters--I LOVE a good snowstorm and winter weather. Throw in some outdoor hockey at our local rink, (above) a few dogs to romp with, the anticipation of Christmas, cousins and a cozy house to come home to, and I'm giddy.

Today our corner of the world was blessed with the first snowstorm of the season, and we couldn't have been happier. Piper and cousins played in the snow and baked their annual soft ginger chew cookies with Uncle B. (photo credit: Uncle Nick)

In the meantime, Teddy got his first taste of snow. Needless to say, he was a fan. For those followers of his dog blog, Teddy turned 6 months old, tips the scales at 75 lbs, and loves to harass his big brother Sampson, bark at wildlife in his newfound big boy voice, chase chickens and ride in the car.

For the rest of the weekend, I worked a cozy indoor event to benefit one of my favorite causes--the use of local open land for agricultural education at the college where I teach literature. (See the photo of Teddy above for location.) These are our stomping grounds, the honey-hued fields that feed my soul. At Hoffman's Natural, we are big fans of both open space and teaching the next generation about sustainable gardening and animal care. I was so honored to be there.

In addition to all our usual goods, we had an apothecary sale of the rare organic oils we use in other products, like Wash the Dog and our brand new Miracle Stick, and had a lot of guests stopping by for a holiday weekend special of Holiday Woods.

After the sale and watching both of my boys play hockey, I walked home in the snow, to the twinkly magic of our home, ready for the holidays.

Even the chicken coop looked warm and welcoming.

I hope you are finding the joy in the season, and some peace walking in your own winter wonderland, wherever it may be.

Love, from our house to your house.