Why Choose Organic, Natural Bug Spray? Scientific Studies Expose the Risk of Many Commercial Insect

A recent study linking products commonly found in insect repellents and lice treatments has been linked to early onset of puberty in boys. To read more about this study, presented just this week at the Endocrine Society's Annual Meeting, click HERE

Permethrin is one of the most common active ingredients in insect repellents. When we lived in the Caribbean and on the mainland in Central America, it was regularly used as a 'fogging agent' on the beach to control the biting sand flies and mosquitoes.

According to the website, http://pyrethroids.com/about-pyrethroids/:

"Pyrethroids are a class of effective and widely insecticides used found in many common pesticide products for control of general pests such as mosquitoes, ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites and agricultural pests."

While these can be effective, it is clear from the recent study that more research is needed on the safety and risk/benefit analysis when using these chemicals, especially around children.

When there is an effective, natural and safe option, why risk exposure to harmful chemicals?

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