Excellent Uses for Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree, also known as melaleuca alternifolia, is recognized around the world for its powerful antiseptic properties, antifungal and antibacterial properties. The plant is native to Australia and has been widely used there for a host of benefits. Achieving recognition around the world, it has been documented in multiple reputable studies as an effective, natural way to kill many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including mold and yeast.

We love tea tree oil and add it to many of our products. Read our favorites below, and note there is a special section of caution for fur family members at the bottom.

1. Fight Acne

One of the most common uses for tea tree oil today is skin care, as it’s considered a highly effective home remedy for acne.

You can make a homemade gentle tea tree oil acne face wash by mixing five drops of pure tea tree essential oil with two teaspoons of raw honey. Simply rub on your face, leave on for one minute, then rinse off. Alternately, in a 1:1 mix, tea tree oil and coconut oil blended can be applied directly to affected areas with a cotton swab.

2. Improve Scalp & Hair

Tea tree oil has positive effects on the health of your hair and scalp. Like coconut oil for hair, tea tree oil has the ability to soothe dry flaking skin, remove dandruff and even can be used for the treatment of lice. To make homemade tea tree oil shampoo, mix several drops of tea tree essential oil with aloe vera gel, coconut milk and other essential oils like lavender oil.

3. Natural Household Cleaning

Tea tree oil's powerful anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties can kill bad bacteria in your home. To make homemade tea tree oil cleanser for use on counters, kitchen appliances, door handles, shower, toilets and sinks.

  • 8 oz distilled water

  • 3.5 oz distilled white vinegar

  • 20 drops tea tree oil

  • 20 drops lemongrass oil

  • 15 drops basil oil

  • Glass bottle with spray nozzle

BONUS: the house smells amazing!

4. Tea Tree Oil for Skin Issues

Tea tree oil can relieve many kinds of skin inflammation. Because of this, it can be used as a natural eczema treatment and to combat psoriasis. To make homemade body lotion for these skin conditions, try this blend:

--two teaspoons coconut oil

--ten drops of tea tree oil

--ten drops of lavender oil

5. Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus, Ringworm

Because of its ability to kill parasites and fungal infections, tea tree oil is a great choice to use on toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and ringworm. Put tea tree oil undiluted on the affected area using a cotton swab. Tea tree oil has also been proven to kill warts; simply put tea tree oil directly on the area for 30 days twice daily.

6. Tea Tree Oil Kills Mold

Diffusing tea tree oil in your home kills mold and other bacteria. We also use the homemade tea tree oil spray cleaner (See #3) on our shower, and every few loads, I add a few drops to my washing machine and dishwasher to eradicate mold.

7. Tea Tree Oil Natural Deodorizer

Just like tea tree oil can combat bacteria on household surfaces, it can destroy the bacteria on your skin that causes body odor. You can make homemade tea tree oil deodorant by mixing it with coconut oil and baking soda. For the stinky hockey gear bags and teenage boy shoes, we spray with a blend of tea tree oil and lemongrass essential oil and let them sit in the sun. This is also great to disinfect and freshen Sampson's king size dog bed.

8. Tea Tree Oil for Infections and Cuts

Tea tree oil mixed with lavender essential oil is the perfect wound ointment. First, cleanse the cut with water and hydrogen peroxide, then add a 1:1 blend of tea tree oil and lavender on bandage to ward off infections.

9. Tea Tree Oil to Repel Pests

Tea tree oil shows up in both of our insect repellents because of its ability to repel ticks. We live in an area where Lymes

disease is a real problem, but like to spend as much time outside as possible.

NOTE: Although tea tree oil is making its way in the market as a common ingredient in many pet shampoos, wipes and washes, pure tea tree oil in higher concentration than 1% can be highly toxic to dogs and cats. We can be sure of the purity and dilution of our own homemade pet wipes, so we do use a blend of tea tree, peppermint and lavender in jojoba carrier oil to combat Sampson's yeast-based skin conditions, but caution is urged. To read more about tea tree oil and pets, click here.