Lemongrass--the oil that saved Christmas

(or at least, the pot I scorched with Christmas potpourri)

I let a stainless steel pot with orange, cranberry, cinnamon sticks, cloves and several drops of Holiday Woods simmer way too long on the stove on Christmas eve, to the point where it was 1/4" black charred burnt into my nice Cuisinart pot. I set it aside and went about Christmas prep, crepes from the girls' eggs and butcher bacon, but with a few sad glances at my ruined pot. It is one that gets a lot of use--the perfect size for a single serving of pasta or oatmeal.

We agreed we would have to throw it out with Christmas debris.

After skating Christmas afternoon, I turned to toss my sad pot, but decided to try one more time. No amount of chipping with a wooden spoon was budging this mess. I sprinkled in a bit of baking soda, and about 20 drops of Hoffman's Natural lemongrass oil from where I keep it in the laundry room to scent my washing soap, added water and put it on the stove for a minute.

What to my wondering eyes??? The blackened edges literally lifted off the sides, floating to the surface. A few nudges with the wooden spoon, a few more drops of lemongrass, and the whole thing was sparkling clean!

Amazing. Click here if you want to add this organic, natural workhorse to your cleaning arsenal!