The wonders of peppermint oil

I cannot say enough good things about peppermint oil. After lavender, it is my go-to recommendation for new users because of the versatility. What CAN'T this oil do? Cure a headache? Quell nausea? Clear up congestion? Relieve sore muscles?

Here are some favorite uses:

1. Pain/headache relief –Peppermint essential oil is an effective painkiller and muscle relaxant. It is especially useful in soothing sore muscles. At the first sign of a tension/hormonal headache or migraine, I mix peppermint and lavender oil with jojoba or coconut oil and apply to my temples, swipe across my forehead and then cup my hands on the back of my neck. The vasoconstriction and analgesic effects of peppermint mean I no longer suffer headaches.

2. Combats congestion –Inhaling diffused peppermint oil can often immediately unclog the sinuses. A natural expectorant, it can help with colds, quieting a cough and clearing sinusitis and congestion. We keep it in a spray bottle of peppermint oil with eucalyptus to spritz in the shower all winter long. It wakes you up and clears any congestion from dry winter air. In allergy season, peppermint oil relaxes muscles in your nasal passages and can help clear out the congestion and pollen. Diffusing peppermint along with clove oil and eucalyptus oil can reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

3. Invigorating –For a natural alternative to caffeine, try inhaling peppermint. It will wake you up on road trips, in school or crushing for a deadline at work. Our daughter frequently wears peppermint oil on her diffusing necklace at school, and I will burn it in the steam diffuser during homework time.

4. For the Scalp –Add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to your regular morning shampoo and conditioner to stimulate the scalp, energize your mind, and wake up! Because it is a powerful antiseptic, peppermint can also combat dandruff. We also mix up a natural shampoo using rosemary essential oil, aloe and either peppermint or spearmint.

5. Improves concentration-–Try spritzing some peppermint oil on your child’s shirt before study time. This can be very effective for anyone affected by ADHD.

6. Anti-Itch –Whether you’re dealing with a rash or you chased some goats into poison ivy, applying peppermint mixed with lavender oil can soothe the itch.

7. Fever Reducer –Because of natural cooling effects, mix peppermint oil with coconut oil and rub on the bottom of the feet to help stabilize a fever.

8. Pest reduction -- A spray bottle of peppermint oil on drafty windowsills or around doorjambs repels spiders, ants, cockroaches, ticks, mice, gnats and mosquitoes.

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