Why metal straws?

Easily the hardest part about living on the beach was seeing the endless plastic trash wash ashore. Our daily walks included sea treasure collecting but also impromptu beach clean up.

We regularly collected enough plastic, including bottle caps and lids, to create changing works of art.

Straws were a huge offender, breaking down into bits that harm marine life, and contributing to the plastic sea. (You can read more about our issues with plasti-Christmas-crap, polystyrene and the sea here )

When the restaurant at the resort opened, I was adamant that we find an alternative--stainless steel straws.

And let's be honest: environmental convictions aside, mango jalapeño margaritas and green smoothies taste better coming through cool stainless steel.

Whether you are sitting outside on a September morning drinking a kale-ginger-lime-avocado healthy breakfast blend, sipping an iced coffee, topping off H20 consumption or lucky enough to be enjoying an umbrella cocktail by the ocean, stainless steel straws are the way to go.