A Simple Solution for Sweets

For many years, we faced the November 1 struggle of what to do with a Halloween haul. The kids were proud of their earned candy, and wanted to enjoy it! They were having nothing to do with that whole Switch Witch thing, and I frankly wasn't interested in exchanging excess sugar for excess stuff. (You can read an old post about PlastiChristmasCrap here.)

We came up with a brilliant system I'll share here, in case it might help others with littles navigate the Sugar Rush.

After initial post trick or treating indulgence, all candy went into a large, communal bowl in the center of the kitchen island. Three quart size Mason jars went on the windowsill, decorated with each kid's name. This was their personal dessert jar. Throughout the day, I could 'catch them being good', and ask them to choose a candy to put in their dessert jar. Consequently, infractions like say, whacking a little brother with a wooden truck, or a freak out after screens were cut off meant they might be asked to remove a piece of dessert candy and put it back in the general pot. By some miracle, (called mothering,) unless someone had a pretty dreadful day, each kid had about 2-3 pieces of candy for after dinner. This lasted until around Thanksgiving, when all that was left in the bowl were gross options like Laffy Taffy, Airheads and Whoppers, and I could discretely toss it in the hullabaloo of the holidays.

Hope this helps some of you!

Love, from our house to yours.