Hoffman's Natural Germ-Fighting Room Spray

Hoffman's Natural Germ-Fighting Room Spray

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Like many families, we struggle with sickness. School, locker rooms, pets and playdates are part of our full life, but equal lots of exposure to germs. We put nature's best antibacterial extracts to work for us. Our original blend of 100% USDA organic essential oils fights viruses and bacteria on surfaces, linens and even in the air. The Original Fresh Scent has a pleasant citrus/spice smell, but unlike traditional Thieves blends, it is safe enough to use around children and pets.


Active Ingredients:100% organic lemongrass, lime, clove bud, spearmint, lavender and tea tree oils.

Inert ingredients: witch hazel, distilled water.


How to Use:

Shake well and spray to fight germs in the air and on surfaces, including countertops, wood, door handles and linens. This spray is gentle, yet powerful enough to disinfect hands when soap and water are unavailable.


Avoid spraying in eyes or mouth. For external use only.


Soy Free

Cruelty Free

Made in the USA

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