Twenty years ago, a boy and girl fell in love on an island in the Caribbean. He led underwater eco-tours for a marine biology lab; she trained horses for sunset beach rides. They traveled the world, got married, settled down and had babies. After ten years of suburbia, hockey practice and commuting, they returned to their island roots as a family, where he built an eco-resort; she wrote books and homeschooled. They swam with wild dolphins and whale sharks, watched octopus eggs hatch, rolled handmade bagels and created art from driftwood and beach plastic.


They learned to slow down, and live with less.


Now, back in the United States on a handful of acres, they embrace the lessons of a simpler life. They travel, fish, garden, and raise an ongoing menagerie of free-range chickens and animals. He works in sustainable agriculture; she teaches literature and writes. Hoffman's Natural is a place for their stories, and the things they have found to create a life with high quality, natural items for home, garden, animals, and outdoors. 


Love, from our house to your house.